Martin Wants County To Be More Responsive




Tommie Cline Martin has been speaking to everyone that wants to hear from her in her bid to become the District 1 Supervisor for Gila County.

"The most frequently asked questions are about water, roads, and education in regard to the college," Martin said.

"But if there is one overriding question it's ‘Are you a clone of Ron Christensen?' I'm a clone of no one."

Christensen currently serves as the District 1 supervisor, but is leaving office at the end of the year and gave his support to the Republican Martin at the outset of the 2004 campaign season.

While the question of Martin's residency was the

basis of a lawsuit filed by unsuccessful Republican candidate Dan Haapala -- which was subsequently dismissed without being heard in Maricopa Superior Court -- she said she has only been asked about it once during all her engagements. Martin has had a home in Payson since April 2004.

She said it seems the thing giving residents "the biggest heartburn" is the lack of response they get from the county regarding roads.

"Some of them have been asking the same questions about the same roads for eight to 10 years and they don't get answered," Martin said. "We need to answer the questions or say we can't answer them. Residents feel their problems have been put off and put off by the county."

She said she wants county government to be efficient and effective. "It shouldn't take a year to get a permit or eight years to get a road question answered."

She said she wants the county to help jump-start industry at every opportunity.

"We need to bring back hard wealth to the county's economy," she said, then explained she considers "hard wealth" to be copper, the forests and agriculture.

Her definition of "soft wealth" includes taxes, interest, stocks, recreation, entertainment, tourism and speculative real estate.

Martin does not foresee giving up one kind of wealth for the other, but balancing the two.

"Through dynamic diversity we will get a stable economy," she said.

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