Now Is Time For God's People To Stand Up



Christians, whatever your political viewpoint is on the Iraq War, the economy, the environment, health care or taxes, we must not ignore the ethical events of this nation. In her power and in her strength, America has grown proud and godless. She is also being deceived. She is being deceived by the outrageous actions and promises by the liberal powers to be, and by the injustice of the media. She is being deceived by Hollywood's toxic waste. She has chosen materialism, greed, and selfishness, which has led to the decay of God's plan for the family. She has chosen pornography and promiscuity, which have led to abortion and rape. America's moral fabric has been ripped apart by divorce, abortion, drugs, child abuse, pornography, and sexual immorality.

Now is the time for God's people to stand up and contend with secular humanism. We must not abandon our Judeo-Christian beliefs and submit to the liberal agenda.

God will not judge us on style; he will judge us on substance. Christians, we must not vote a politician into the White House who is sworn in with his right hand on the Bible while supporting partial-birth abortions or embryonic stem cell research. This is not a godly man. We must not vote for a politician who will usher in a whole power group with a liberal agenda. We need to stop listening to what politicians say and watch how they vote.

Christians, we can make a difference! We must take a stand against partial-birth abortions, embryonic stem cell research, and separation of church and state. We can defeat deception in the government, but we must remember, if we do not use our freedoms to defend our freedoms we will lose our freedoms.

David Wait


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