O'Dell Wants Change In Superintendent's Office




A former educator and school administrator, Linda O'Dell is seeking the office of Gila County School Superintendent.

"We have an incumbent who has never been opposed in the 16 years she's been in office," the Republican O'Dell said. "It's time for a change. Our schools can do better."

She is focusing her campaign on three issues: improve academic achievement, reduce the dropout rate, and increase available resources.

"To improve academic achievement I would raise awareness," O'Dell said. "I'd work with the districts to intervene and identify why there is a problem and help develop strategies to address it. It may require a reallocation of resources."

She said she believes the way to reduce the dropout rate is to keep students active and motivated. O'Dell said another key to keeping students in school is parental involvement.

O'Dell said she also has plans to:

  • Develop a strategic plan for education;
  • Establish support and recognition of quality;
  • Build strong working relationships to facilitate access to needed resources;
  • Connect school systems with those willing to assist students;

She's a four-year resident.

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