Pound Wants To Build Agency Relationships




Kim Pound, the Republican candidate for Gila County Sheriff, is a lieutenant in the Salt River Police Department but lives in Payson.

In his lengthy career with the Salt River Police Department, Pound has been commander of every division in the department.

High standards are what Pound says he is about.

"A sheriff's office should be as professional and well-organized as police departments," Pound said. "In order to provide good service, the people within the office need to know what their job responsibilities are."

Pound said as sheriff he will expect a lot from his employees, but will also give a lot.

"In order to provide good service to the community, deputies need to be vested," Pound said. "They need their pay and benefits raised. We don't want to be a training ground for other agencies."

Building good relations with both the community and other law enforcement agencies is another goal.

"I want to work with all the chiefs of police," Pound said. "I don't want to be the chief law enforcement agent in the county -- I want to be the chief law enforcement coordinator."

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