Racist Flier Raises Concerns Of Budding Hate Group


The Payson Police Department is looking for the culprits who distributed a white supremacist flier to homes in a Payson neighborhood Sunday night.

Police Lt. Don Engler said those who distributed the fliers could be charged with criminal littering, but more importantly, the department wants to monitor any hate groups that may be forming in the area.

"This has renewed our concern about these white supremacy groups becoming an issue up here," Engler said. "Similar fliers were found in Payson North two months ago."

The flier, distributed to homes in the area of Bentley Street and Miller Street, warned of an impending danger of the country becoming a "third world slum" due to the "invasion" of "non-whites." The flier, authored by a group called the National Alliance, described themselves as "an organization of whites who aren't afraid to speak up for our race."

The flier reads: "If current trends continue, whites will be a minority in this country within the next 50 years. (Non-whites) come for welfare or to take our jobs. They bring crime. Let's send them home now."

Engler believes those responsible for the flier live in the area.

"Since we've been targeted twice in two months, we suspect it is someone local," Engler said. "So far, we don't have any leads. We are still trying to contact the group."

The National Alliance is considered by the Southern Poverty Law Center to be the largest neo-Nazi group in the country.

News media from the Valley asked Engler whether the fliers were tied to the local Democratic or Republican parties.

"We have no indication that the flier is tied to either the Democratic or Republican parties," Engler said.

In a letter to the Roundup, Democratic Party Chairman Mark Reza called the National Alliance a "group of racist hate-mongers" and demanded that the Republican party to join the Democrats in renouncing the group.

Republican Party Chairman Don Castleman said no one in his party had anything to do with the flier.

Engler said those who distributed the flier have a right to free speech, but not to deliver their message in the manner they did.

"We can charge them with violating a town ordinance and criminal littering," Engler said. "It's unlawful the way they distributed their message."

Anyone with information is asked to call (928) 474-5177. Callers can remain anonymous.

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