Renzi Believes Much More Needs To Be Done




Republican Rick Renzi is asking voters in the Arizona First District to return him to Congress.

"... there remains much more that needs to be done," Renzi states on his website,

Among the firm commitments Renzi was able to obtain for Gila County:

• $150,000 for a feasibility study on a bridge over Tonto Creek to serve often stranded residents of the Tonto Basin communities. The study will determine the best possible location. Once the study is complete, a future allocation for more work will be secured.

  • $500,000 in 2005 for the Gila County School Superintendent to help teachers and students.

Renzi said he is still working to obtain water from the Blue Ridge Reservoir for Payson.

He has facilitated meetings between the Payson Town Council and representatives from Salt River Project about the water. "I talked with SRP and they are in the process of finalizing the negotiations of exchanging Phelps Dodge's water rights to SRP in exchange for SRP giving them water rights elsewhere in the district," he said. This move will consolidate the Blue Ridge water rights with SRP, putting it in the position to work with us in trading the rights to Payson in exchange for some sort of benefit for them," Renzi explained.

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