Saying "No" To Fear



Fear is all he has left to run on. George W. Bush cannot win, if you are not afraid. His only hope is to prey upon your fears.

Never in modern American political history have we heard such ‘fear-based' political rhetoric. Why?

For almost four years, George Bush has governed through fear and intimidation. His party will not tolerate dissent either in its own ranks, or from which it purges any moderate voice. At his rallies, composed of carefully vetted supporters, people who oppose him have been thrown out and even arrested.

The overriding tone is fear. It's all we hear because George W. Bush has nothing left to run on. He cannot run on his record.

His record is one of ignoring the American people; not funding education; gutting the environment; blowing up two, third-world countries, torturing men, women and children, and thinking international law does not apply to us; alienating our former allies; circumventing the constitution; cutting taxes for his rich friends; crippling the economy; losing jobs; outing CIA operative Valerie Plame for political revenge; lying about weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein, al Qaeda, and about almost everything.

A scared citizen, will vote for Bush.

An educated citizen, who does not fear, will see Bush's record for what it is: appalling.

Don't be afraid, America.

George W. Bush is a used-car salesman. His product is fear. I am just not interested in buying it any more.

Larry Brophy


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