Three In Race For State House Seats


The three-way race for the two State House seats that will represent District 5 is being contested by two Republicans and one Democrat. Political veterans Bill Konopnicki (R) and Jack Brown (D), are running in a team with another veteran, Jake Flake (R), who is vying for the State Senate seat being vacated by Brown because of term limits.

The other Republican in the House race is a newcomer to election races, but not rural politics, Sylvia Allen. Allen has worked on rural issues in grassroots organizations for many years.

Voters may select two candidates as District 5 delegates to the Arizona House of Representatives.

Sylvia Allen



Republican Sylvia Tenney Allen, Heber-Overgaard, believes the most pressing issue is the rural economy.

In the rural communities the $7 to $12 hourly wage makes it very difficult for families," she said.

"We need to bring back our natural resource-based industries of wood, fiber, minerals and food," she said. "We need to bring them back for long term economic stability, tax revenues and good jobs for our families."

Allen wants to eliminate duplication of services and review government programs to see if they are actually accomplishing what was intended when they were developed.

"We seem to want government to be all and everything, but we can't let the government sector grow faster than the private sector," Allen said.

Jack Brown



Jack A. Brown is the only Democrat seeking election to the Arizona House of Representatives from District 5.

The retiring state senator said his return to the Legislature in the Arizona House will ensure that rural Arizona can remain true to family values and lifestyles.

"Quality health care, good jobs and education for all will continue to be my priorities," Brown said. "Continuing my good relationships with our congressional delegation, local governments and fellow Arizona legislators will keep us on the path of strong economic growth."

Brown said everyone must work hard to get private and government businesses established in the rural districts.

"Much work remains to be done. Voting for me is your voice for integrity, experience and our way of life," Brown said.

Bill Konopnicki



Republican Bill Konopnicki is seeking his second term in the House. He completed his first term serving as vice-chairman of the appropriations committee, he also served on the commerce and military affairs and health committees. He served as chairman of the alternative sentencing workgroup.

He has lived in rural Arizona most of his life. He has successfully owned and operated businesses in several rural Arizona communities and is also a professional educator at the secondary and post secondary levels.

Konopnicki said he believes in strong family values and is committed to improve the economy in rural Arizona. He is concerned about the future of Arizona and will work to be sure programs improve, while at the same time the budget is balanced.

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