Vote For The ‘Cowboy' Candidate



My mother used to say: We tend to judge others by ourselves.

In other words, those who always think others are liars are usually liars themselves.

Our president is a Christian man who has been derided as a liar and a "cowboy." Christians don't lie, and what's wrong with cowboys? They're tough and resilient, and sometimes use profanity with ornery horses, but the ones I've known have been honest for the most part, and also imperfect, just like the rest of us.

We've taken this war to the terrorists who started it. A good offense beats a meek defense every time.

I'm for the "cowboy" candidate and hope you are too. It's your choice, for sure. Make it wisely. We're blessed as a free nation to have a man like George W. Bush as our president.

Charlotte Casey


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