Vote O'Dell For Better Education



We are long-time residents of the Pine-Strawberry area. We are writing to urge you to support -- and vote for -- local resident Linda O'Dell, who is running for Gila County School Superintendent.

Here are several reasons we are endorsing Linda:

We know that:

  • inda has the background and qualifications to be an outstanding county school superintendent.
  • inda believes public schools must provide programs and services to support all students in achieving their highest potential.
  • inda believes public schools must ensure that all students have the opportunity to graduate and that they be well-prepared for jobs, for college, and for success in life.
  • inda will work in partnership with parents, schools, and community members to identify and address local education issues.
  • Linda recognizes and understands the need for greater representation of northern Gila County in county government.

We need a new Gila County School Superintendent, and we believe that Dr. Linda O'Dell is the right person for the job. We know Linda will provide strong leadership for Gila County schools and communities, and that she will represent our interests with dignity and pride. Please join us in helping to elect Linda O'Dell. Your vote for Linda is a vote for better schools. Your vote for Linda is also a vote for greater representation of northern Gila County residents.

Walt and Wilene Smith

John and Debbie Stanton

Jim and Kerri Weeks


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