Whitely Running Due To Dissatisfaction




Sydney "Jim" Whitely quietly and successfully made a primary write-in bid to be the Democrats' nomination for the District 1 Gila County Supervisor.

"The main reason (I'm running) is I disapprove of some things happening in the county and city," he said.

Whitely has made his home in Payson for a little more than three years, but has lived in Arizona for 35 years.

"I went to council meetings regularly, but found the citizens were not taken into consideration," Whitely said.

"On the county level it's the same thing. The citizens are not given a voice, and even if they are, it still goes the way the (county) administration and staff want it to."

This is Whitely's first race for a public office, however, he did seek an elective post with the operating engineers (heavy equipment) union when living in Washington.

He believes his background in business, experience building roads and runways and work with drilling provides him with a strong foundation to deal with anything that might be thrown at him as a county supervisor.

"My main thing is: the people need to know why things are being done," Whitely said.

To illustrate his point he talked about attending one of the recent meetings on the proposed closure of the Second Crossing on Houston Mesa Road.

"I think it's terrible no consideration was given to the people there, especially their safety. The county should have played a role in it on behalf of the residents."

Whitely said it is the government's responsibility, no matter the size of that government, to protect the safety of the people.

He would also like to see a new county courthouse built in Payson, probably on different property than that where the county complex is located.

"My biggest thing is keeping track of what's going on and letting the citizens know about it," Whitely said. "I'm not going to make promises I can't keep."

He said he believes appropriate changes will take place if the residents of Gila County pull together and practice good ethics.

"The greater the integrity, the more we can improve the quality of life in Gila County."

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