Community Loses A Peach Of A Man



The community of Christopher Creek lost a sweetheart of a man last Friday.

Floyd Wilson who lived here with his wife, Lois for 25 years passed away after being ill at home for some time. He will be truly missed but never forgotten.

Floyd, who was 85 years old, will always be remembered as the kind little guy who loved people and loved to have a good time. My husband, Frank started calling him the Red Baron because when it was cold out he would wear this bright red scarf. He had such a big heart and he loved kids. Every Halloween he would decorate his home and put on some scary music. He would stand in the doorway and wait for all the little ones to come by and see if he could guess who they were.

He also was a kid at heart. He would dress up and attend all the Halloween parties and he won a few prizes over the years for his best costumes. I remember the year he dressed up like a toilet. He walked in with a toilet seat over his head, and a handle on his shoulder. He liked to make people laugh, but it's really special when you can laugh at yourself.

Next-door neighbors Jackie and Dave Ezzell said that Floyd loved peaches. They grew a peach tree in their yard and when it had peaches, Jackie would bake peach pies. She said one year Floyd was outside washing his car and sitting on a crate in the driveway. She took over a piece of peach pie and he said just leave it right here. She said he ran in the house grabbed a fork and came back out sat down on the crate and ate the pie. He said last time he took it in the house Lois ate it.

Saturday, Sept. 4, there will be a celebration of Mr. Floyd Wilson's life at Creekside Steakhouse at 4 p.m.

Labor Day doin's

Don't forget the Labor Day bash in conjunction with the Tonto Village Fire Sirens Auxiliary. The Firebelles will be having a silent auction with a lot of nice things. Fun starts at 11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 4, at the Tonto Village Chapel parking lot.

Saturday, Sept 4, will be the last Bingo of the year at the Christopher Creek Fire Hall. Potluck starts at 6 p.m. and they have a lot of door prizes to give away. It should be fun.

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