Governor's Forum To Address Affordable Housing



Arizona's housing market has been red-hot for the past several years.ecord-setting residential building permits and sale prices for new and resale homes have been common stories.
However, the extensive growth Arizona has experienced in the housing market can be deceiving. significant portion of our population cannot afford a place to call home.
Housing prices are rising one-and-a-half times faster than income.he average Arizonan can no longer afford the average home.any of those who provide vital services to our communities are beginning to feel the housing pinch.ecord-setting housing prices are great if you own your own home, or are in the market to sell.ut we must ask ourselves: Where will our working people live?

The Arizona Affordable Housing Profile, released in January 2002, shows that 10 percent of households in our state are forced to pay more than is reasonably acceptable for housing or are living in substandard conditions due to a lack of housing options. More than 2,400 of these households that are cost burdened are in Gila County; of that, 1,500 are in Payson.ayson is surpassed only by Sedona and Quartzite by having more than 25 percent of our households paying more than 30 percent of their entire income for housing, many households pay as high as 50 percent.
Decent, safe and economically diverse housing promotes family stability and creates a positive environment for raising children. Families lacking the means to pay for good-quality housing may have to make frequent moves in search of appropriate affordable accommodations.

Studies show that disruptive moves during childhood and adolescence have a negative impact on school performance, including lower test scores.ates of juvenile delinquency and teen pregnancy are reduced when youth have a stable place to live.
Sept. 15, in Prescott, housing professionals, policy makers and elected officials from around the state will have an opportunity to share ideas and solutions for expanding housing choices in Arizona at the Governor's Affordable Housing Forum.hose interested in housing issues should plan on attending this important event.
Housing affordability will continue to be an issue, especially as our state grows.e must be proactive and work together to find solutions to increase the supply of housing for those with modest incomes.he Affordable Housing Forum will provide such an opportunity, because every Arizonan deserves a place to call home.

Cliff Potts, Board Member, Ariz. Housing Finance Authority

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