Haapala A Chivalrous Man



Regarding the article written by Mary Gibson in the Aug. 27 issue.

My gal and I recall very well the incident described by Mary at the Rye Bar. We were managers of the Mobile & RV park in Rye at the time. In the days following this incident, we would care for Mary and see to her needs. It was a labor of love and caring, as not enough can be said of this courageous and compassionate woman. What a wonderful lady, and our dear friend always.

Dan Haapala was mentioned well by Mary, as he should be. His chivalry is well known and his action deserves mention. His desire to serve the Payson community is further indication of his loyalty to service. We heartily approve and support his goals.

I must confess my disappointment, however, in the recollection that I have fallen down three times a week leaving the Rye Bar, and not once been picked up by Dan Haapala. I must have been inebriated! God Bless all.

Sean and Cathy Tyree, Paysonites

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