Haapala's Vision Is Mature, Sensible



I have never written to recommend a political candidate before, but my wife and I and three other families had an opportunity to discuss the future of Gila County with one of the candidates running for county supervisor.

Dan Haapala was gracious enough to stop by and talk to our neighborhood gathering last week, and we found him to be knowledgeable about this county and the needs of the future.

We found it particularly insightful that he did not run out the good old boy slogans and solutions to any questions.ur group had its own particular interest, and I believe Dan can work with us.e also believe that his vision of the next few years for this county is mature and sensible.

I recommend all of us vote, and if you want to find out who has answers that are in your best interest, give Dan a call.

John and Robbie Wertin, Pine

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