How About Lions Vs. Realtors?



Re: Jim Keyworth's suggestion that the town raise money by sponsoring a mud-wrestling contest among various clubs, organization, etc.

I think that is a clever idea which will create wide interest and bring in big bucks. But, he chose for one set of competitors Lions vs. the Payson Christians.

Whoa! Down through the millennia (at least as far back as the Emperor Nero) Lions have received bad press concerning their dealings with Christians. May I suggest for this contest that we have Lions vs. Realestate-Developer Complex. These are the guys that offer every Monday "The New Neighborhood of the Week" in spite of our dwindling water supplies and frayed infrastructure. I sneaked (snuck) into their meeting a week or so ago and, after the pledge of allegiance, they played a recording that sounded like a giant sucking sound - like straw makes when you're trying to get the last ounce of milkshake from the glass. After that recording there was a great display of high-fiving and back slapping. We Lions would like to compete with that group. Let the Christians keep doing their good things and for once Lions could be the team wearing the white hat!

George Spears, Chairman, Lions Good Deed Committee

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