Make The Thoughtful Choice For Supervisor



I want to share with you what I learned while attending a recent "Meet Your Candidates" night. Of specific interest to me were the expressed positions of the candidates for District 1 Supervisor.

Tommie Cline Martin: A fourth-generation resident of Gila County with "Old Family" ties, a degree in Agribusiness and endorsed by the out-going supervisor, Ron Christensen. She's a lovely, gracious lady who quilts with the ladies in Pine. Her platform consists of forest management and staying out of local issues such as water. There needs to be no change in county policies or organization. "It's doing just fine as it is."

Gene Mawby: He is an electrician. One of his relatives was instrumental in getting the Beeline through. He, too, believes there need be no change in county organization or policies. As a Pine resident, his stated position on Pine's water issues is that a group of intellectuals meet in a closed room and come out with a solution. The work done to date is not yet open for discussion. He thought forest management had merit.

Dan Haapala: The newscaster for KMOG. He has been attending local, state and federal meetings for the last four years to educate himself on the issues and acquaint himself with the players. He has researched the forest issues and the water issues of the various communities. He believes that the county has some serious problems in not being responsive to the people's wishes nor open in communications of their actions.

He is concerned how the taxpayer's money is being used and has some innovative ideas for getting the most out of the money there is. He wants to lessen travel by locals to Globe and has ideas to test. Most of all he wants to listen to his constituents and work to fill their needs and to keep them informed.

These positions were stated early on, before experience and listening to the other candidates helped the candidates fine-tune how best to represent themselves. I have taken them on their own words. Liking someone or one's family isn't enough.

It's time for a supervisor without a hidden agenda, someone who will investigate the issues, someone who will listen to the people, someone who owes no one and someone who will keep us informed.

The supervisor's choice for District 1 will be decided Sept. 7. Make a thoughtful choice and vote.

Julie Breninger, Pine

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