Martin Is The Real Deal For Supervisor



I sure hope folks around here can "look through the smoke" and recognize that Tommie Cline Martin is the real deal. If anything, she's over-qualified and should be in Washington, D.C., but, lucky for us, she wants to be our county supervisor.

Tommie is a home-grown ranch-raised girl with a B.S. Degree in AgriBusiness management from ASU. She believes that the managed use of our resources produces the beautiful forest and functioning watershed we all wish we had.

She knows how to make resource-based industry profitable and environmentally acceptable. Tommie has worked with land owners, mines, USFS, BLM, Indian Nations and others to profitably restore burnt forest land, abused grasslands, and mine spoils.

Now Tommie is badly needed at home. Nearly 97 percent of Gila County's land base is a dead and dying forest and watershed, and the county's resource-based economy has almost ground to a halt. As she tells me, "The kind of thinking and doing that got us into this mess will not get us out."

I know first-hand she has the knowledge, experience and ability in "new thinking and doing" to help get us out. Give Tommie your vote on Sept. 7.

Jinx Pyle, Payson

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