Plenty Of Labor Day Fun In The Village



By the time you read this column, it will be either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. That will give you plenty of time to head on out to Tonto Village by Saturday afternoon for all the fun that will be happening with the celebration of the Labor Day weekend put on by the Tonto Village Fire District Auxiliary and the Christopher Creek Fire District Auxiliary.

There is a great pork barbecue dinner, a parade for the children and their critters, decorated quads for the adults, plenty of games, including a cupcake walk for the children, a silent auction, plenty of baked goods, homemade jams and jellies, raffles for quilts and many handmade items for sale.

The food will be served beginning at 11 a.m. This year all the events will take place at the Tonto Village Chapel parking lot.

We would like to publicly thank the Pastor Ken Schroth and his congregation for their generosity in giving the Auxiliary the facility to put on our biggest fund raiser of the year.

Bear Country


This young bear was spotted in the Thompson Draw area in the past few weeks. Residents are urged to take precautions.

Two different communities have had bear sightings the past few weeks. The places are close together, so maybe the bears are part of a group.

The first one was sighted by Connie Weldon in Tonto Village III about a month ago. Then Linda Stailey saw a bear, possibly a teenager, walking nonchalantly along the side of Control Road a few Sundays ago, about 5:30 p.m. Linda beeped her car horn at it, and it was not at all interested. He stopped and scratched himself, dug in the dirt a bit and then he kept on walking down the road.

Nancy Yoakum of Thompson Draw II has spotted a bear in that neighborhood for about three weeks now. Nancy says that she walks every morning and just this morning spotted the bear's fresh droppings.


Although Joanne Kennedy is not a resident of the Village, she spends a lot of time here playing pool with the Tuesday evening ladies games. Joanne will celebrate her big day Sept. 8.

Everyone in the Village and the surrounding area, knows Charlie Terry, our local welder and former fire chief. Charlie does not know a stranger, and has a kind word for everyone. He will have his big day Sept. 10. Happy birthday to the both of you.

I missed a birthday last week. Linda Digman's daughter, Trina, celebrated her birthday the day after her mother's on Aug. 30. Sorry I missed it, Trina. I hope you had a great day.

Chalk talk

This past Sunday, the pool tables got a workout, but after all the chalk dust settled, Tony Urrea of Kohl's Ranch shot the best and won first place. Phyllis Mullen, who is often a winner of these games, took second, and Ernie Arrieta, a frequent visitor from the Valley, shot for third place.

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