Red-Ink Republicans And Credit Card Conservatives



Recently, the Roundup ran an interview of me that they had requested. I was forthright with my responses. As a result of that article, there have been two letters written to the editor by Republicans that claimed that I wanted whatever they had accumulated in life. First, I wish to congratulate them that they have accumulated much wealth and possessions but, in reply, I can assure them that I don't covet anything that they might possess.

I have had the privilege to work for the Concord Coalition. It is a bipartisan organization created by the late Senator Paul Tsongas and former Senator Warren Rudman, with the commitment of reducing the national debt. During the period that I was a regional director, I worked with many fine Republicans who shared fiscal responsibility as a rule that your government should understand.

I was also raised as a son of an evangelical minister who taught the Bible and respected the master's teaching that "we are our brother's keeper" and taught us that when he was hungry we gave him something to eat and when he was thirsty we gave him something to drink.

But I am glad that these new Republicans that took the time to let the community know that they had wealth and possessions publicly let the community know that they have theirs and no one is entitled to these possessions except them.

The new Republicans that these people represent are red-ink Republicans and credit card conservatives. They run up our national debt and devour the "tax-cuts" leaving deficits in their wake that is to be paid by those working people who will not have an opportunity to acquire the wealth and the possessions that they have. But, they are honorable people with great wealth and possessions.

The philosophy that I believe is the true American way is one that extends a hand to help neighbors and communities to step up to success and makes it possible for the generations, that we leave behind, have as great an opportunity as those of us that preceded them.

After all, when we stand at the final bar of judgment don't you think that the great master will be impressed by all the great wealth and possessions that they have accumulated?

Mark Ernest Reza, Payson

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