Residents, Visitors Spending A Little More This Year


Residents and visitors seem to be spending a little more in Payson this year than they did last year.

Payson's sales tax coffers saw a $44,000 increase in the first five months of 2004, compared to what was generated by May 2003.

Monthly sales tax reports from the Arizona Department of Revenue show a total of $2,144,244 in collections for January through May 2004, with $2,100,395 collected for the same period in 2003. Due to technical difficulties, the DOR did not have its sales tax reports for June available at press time.

The month-by-month tally:

  • Jan. 2004: $398,123; Jan. 2003 - $400,784;
  • Feb. 2004: $402,240; Feb. 2003 - $385,277;
  • March 2004: $440,913; March 2003 - $410,129;
  • April 2004: $434,808; April 2003 - $427,780;
  • May 2004: $468,160; May 2003 - $476,425.

The most sales taxes were generated through retail trade, with a total of $1,100,955 collected from January through May 2004, compared to $1,021,975 received in 2003 during that same period.

The tourist industries of restaurants and bars, hotels and other accommodations saw a drop in the sales taxes collected from January through May in 2004 compared to 2003. A total of $235,614 in tax receipts was collected by restaurants, bars, hotels and other accommodations in 2004, while $260,376 in sales tax was received in 2003.

During the same period, January through May, the total valuation of new construction dropped from $14,936,287 in 2003, to $14,415,875 in 2004. The amount of sales tax generated through construction also dropped in 2004. In 2003, from January through May, construction brought in a total of $441,147 in sales taxes, while $359,477 came in this year during those months.

The number of single-family and manufactured home starts were up in 2004, with a total of 91 compared to 73 in 2003.

Commercial building starts also were up. From January through May 2004 five were started, while in 2003, there were only three starts. The big difference was in the number of multi-family units that started construction. In 2003, there were 40 started, while in 2004 construction began on only two multi-family units.

The busiest month for single family unit construction starts was March 2004, with 29; and May 2003, with 15.

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