Fish Was Cool Enough To Make Three Shots



I was under the impression that this shooting took place in the national forest or Coconino County. Payson's laws do not apply in either.

Mr.ish said he had a (concealed weapon permit). I hope that fact was checked out and that he had it on him because that is the onlyay it is valid. Now any adult can carry openly.

With the right to carry a gun in the great state of Arizona comes some pretty awesome rules. You must take a safety course. You must learn all the gun laws and abide by them.

Technically it is against the law to carry a gun in the national forest unless you are hunting.

If Mr. Fish was so afraid of the shadows in the woods he should have stayed home or taken someone with him.I thought that the first report said that the dogs were dragging their leashes. And one had even climbed into one of the vehicles on scene.

He used his gun to scare off the dogs.I wonder if he informed Mr. Kuenzli that he would shoot if Grant did not stop. After being accosted by the dogs, I'm surprised that he was cool enough to draw his gun and make three direct hits into Mr. Kuenzli's chest. Three direct hits when his "attacker" was so close to him. I practice all the time and still have some recall. To make three such perfect shots inapid fireeems just a little overkill to me.he judicial systemill decide Mr.ish's punishment.

Shirley Reeves, Round Valley

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