Leave Fish Case Up To The Courts



Maybe there are some other things to ponder regarding the Fish/Kuenzli occurrence. The words executioner and murder are being thrown about and some people have already convicted Harold Fish before he has been tried.

Let's try to remember the rule of law.

So much has been said in support of the dogs. If my memory serves me correctly, the Payson Roundup reported early on that the Akita-mix in question had bitten a police officer, who in turn then drew his weapon to dispatch the animal. The dog was saved only through the intervention of its caretaker at the time.

It has been my observation that dogs running in a pack are perceived to be more dangerous than when separated and alone.

Whether they are, in fact, more dangerous is not the question. My guess is that most readers would perceive them to be more dangerous and would respond accordingly. Witness the many Paysonites hiking our streets who carry a club of some sort for protection. If the three dogs in question appeared to be running in a pack, and were led by the Akita-mix, most of us would have reason to be fearful for our safety.

There is no one in town who is not saddened by the loss of Mr. Kuenzli. It is an indictment of the times that so many carry weapons and keep them in the home for security. Nevertheless, I cannot imagine how in that situation a person could charge toward an armed man who had just fired a warning shot into the ground.

I know I wouldn't have done it, and I cannot imagine that any readers would have either. So one is left to guess at Kuenzli's thought processes. Why would he do that? On the other hand, one is left to guess at Fish's state of mind. Given just a few seconds, he had to decide why a person would charge toward him even though he was armed. For Fish, I'm sure none of the possibilities at the time looked good, especially under the weight of the moment.

Of course, much of this and what else has been written is nothing more than conjecture, since none of us was there. With this in mind, wouldn't it be better to let our court system work this case?

John Pauley Sr., Payson

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