Pound Well Qualified To Be Sheriff



I would like to join with all the other highly professional and good citizens in endorsing Kim Pound for sheriff of Gila County. Kim is well-qualified and a proven leader who can handle all areas of law enforcement. He was an excellent officer while working for the Apache Junction Police Department.

Kim wanted to improve himself by moving to the Salt River Police Department where he worked in all divisions of the Salt River Police Department and is presently holding the position of Commander of Criminal Investigation. Kim would make an excellent sheriff for Gila County. His proved executive leadership, distinguished by 20 years of service in law enforcement, make him the most qualified to lead the Gila County Sheriff's Department.

Kim Pound plans to work as a partner with state, local and federal law enforcement to make Gila County the best law enforcement agency possible. His professionalism and commitment to improving services will provide great benefits to the citizens of Gila County.

It gives me great pleasure to endorse Kim Pound for Gila County Sheriff.

Bill McDaniel, Retired Apache Junction Police Chief, Apache Junction, AZ

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