Remembering Sept. 11 And Beslan, Russia


There are some people who believe the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks should no longer be marked by memorial ceremonies.

Perhaps they think that by doing so we give the terrorists what they want -- a fear that looms over this country and lingers in the hearts of its citizens.


To commemorate 9-11, Mazatzal Casino organized 15 Rim country non-profit organizations to spell out "9-11 We Remember" in giant figures. The groups and the part of the pattern they made are Rim Country Classic Auto Club (9), Cub Scouts Pack 354 (-), Payson Pro Rodeo Committee (1), Knights of Columbus (1), Payson Lions/Lionesses (W), American Legion Post #69 (E), Payson Rotary Club (R), Payson Elks Club (E), Payson Masonic Lodge (M), Payson Area Habitat for Humanity (E), Payson High School Drama Club (M), Strawberry Patchers/ Arizona Quilters Guild (B), Americans With Disabilities (E), Kiwanis Club (R), Marine Corps League Detachment-Payson (flag). The photo was taken from the Payson Fire Department's hook and ladder truck at a height of 88 feet.

But remembering these horrible acts of unspeakable terror also can motivate us above anything else to defend and defeat this evil. It can strengthen our resolve to never give in, and never give up.

The horror in Beslan, Russia Friday is beyond comprehension. What kind of human beings torture and kill children? These secret bands of thieves and murderers depend on fear to destroy hope and all that is good. This latest act of terrorism illustrates the need for us to remember and press on.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is now telling his people they must mobilize against terrorism.

"We showed weakness, and weak people are beaten," he said

As Americans, we cannot show weakness and bow to the terrorists in action or by our complacency. We must remember.

Local retired Col. Bill Sahno recently referred to the 9/11 attacks as the second day of infamy.

May we all remember and use the anniversary of Sept. 11 to strengthen our resolve to support our leaders in stopping terrorism.

The Rim country will celebrate Patriot Day beginning at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 11 in Green Valley Park.

Activities include a musical interlude, patriotic music, a tribute to the flag, guest speakers, inspirational prayer, silent tribute and more. All residents, particularly our youth, are urged to attend.

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