Two Possibilities In Kuenzli Killing



In response to Lisa Boyle's letter concerning Grant Kuenzli's death, I think it would be appropriate for all those who desire Harold Fish's conviction to get together and agree upon a single scenario describing their collective view as to what happened when that fateful forest trail meeting took place.

It is my understanding that they did not dispute Fish's contention that Kuenzli approached him in a threatening manner, but that they maintained that Fish's calibration of his defensive response was far in excess of what would have been required to stop Kuenzli short of bringing about his death. In other words, Kuenzli should have been disabled by a shot in a leg or otherwise by "winging" him, as the term is used in Western movies.

Now, Ms. Boyle comes along and maintains that she is certain that Fish was never under physical attack by Kuenzli. Well, if that were the case, there would appear to be two possibilities as to what did happen. One is that the two men got into a cursing and shouting match that became so vituperative that Fish "blew his top" so to speak and blasted Kuenzli into eternity. The other is that Fish had nothing at all against Kuenzli, but that like the fellow in the Johnny Cash song, he shot him just to see him die.

Ms. Boyle seems unable to get over the fact that Kuenzli was killed in spite of his being unarmed. I thought that I had made it clear in my letter that one can indeed be killed by an unarmed attacker.

Ms. Boyle, although insisting that she was certain that Kuenzli did not attack Fish, said that even if he did Fish would have been able to ward off the attack using his walking cane.

I have a younger brother whom I dearly love, but if he had found himself in Fish's situation, and if he had attempted to defend himself with his walking stick rather than his gun, and if as a result he had wound up being beaten and kicked to death, I would have spit on his coffin, and then I would have gone to the cemetery where my dear mother is buried and spit on her grave for raising such an idiot.

Otis M. Trimble, Payson

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