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Q: When Mesa del Caballo residents paid to have their streets paved, Gila County promised to maintain them. Every summer we are told our streets will be chip sealed, but it never happens. Considering how much is collected out here in property taxes, when can we expect to see some of it returned to us in the form of street maintenance?

A: Steve Stratton, public works director for Gila County, said most of the roads in the Mesa del Caballo subdivision are actually in good or very good condition. The exception is the main road, which is on the schedule for maintenance in the 2004-2005 fiscal year. He said federal regulations require roads in the poorest condition with the highest use to have priority.

Q: Will the high school have nutritious snacks in its vending machines, such as fruit leather, instead of the large colas?

A: The various vending machines at Payson High School are fund-raising vehicles for different organizations. The candy machine is operated by the Students Against Destructive Decisions, one of the soda machines belongs to the boys basketball team and another is the student council, according to Kellie Costello, SADD advisor.

"Right now the student council is researching getting more nutritious snacks in the machines," Costello said. "They are researching shelf life." She said there is consideration being given to putting power drinks and water in vending machines, but no decisions have been made yet.

Q: Can the latches on the recycling bins at Wal-Mart be adjusted so they are easier for the elderly to open?

A: The Payson Public Works Department oversees the recycling bins and Buzz Walker, the department's director, said the latches have to be a tight fit so the doors don't fly open during transport. He said normally the doors are left unlatched while the bins are stationary. If someone is having a problem with the latches, they can call his office, (928) 474-5242, ext. 4, and someone will check on them to see if any adjustments are necessary.

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