Are Traditionalists Being Outnumbered



I was reading the letters to the editor and recognized a couple of symptoms of these "progressive" times.

First was Ms. Haught's thoughts on the rodeo vs. growth. I fear she has her finger on the pulse of change and is most likely correct in her observations. There were two other letters very critical of the sport of rodeo.

It should not surprise anyone, that even though those two were from very distant locales, they represent the pressure we see from outside to change our celebration of a traditional way of life that has existed in this area for generations. I feel certain that there are even those who have relocated to this region that have similar views as those two did, they are just not ready to speak up about their views on the matter.

It saddens me to see this insidious evolution take place. The ethic and the cultural practices of those who have been Westerners all their lives are just as valued as those of indigenous or racial cultures found throughout America.

It would seem that we of the Western ethic are going to be pressured to change that "ethic" from outside and soon from within. I suppose others don't find our traditional character and practices as politically correct as they would like.

The forces of change don't ride into town with banners waving proclaiming that they really enjoy our area, but we see some major, progressive changes are needed here.

Quite the contrary. Those who will demand change come in quietly and subtly one family at a time until they constitute a numerical political force. Then we start to see proposals and ballot issues that make us ask "where did that come from?"

Well folks, get ready. As you are witness to the initial indicators that significant change is coming to this area and the type of lifestyle most have held dear for so long. We "traditionalists" who would like to cling to our heritage may already be outnumbered. Only time will tell how soon it will all be gone. Sad. So sad.

Ron Hamric

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