Candidate Considering Contesting Election Results


Candidates emerging successfully from Tuesday's primary election are ready to go to work on winning the general election and are praising their opponents.


Dan Haapala

But one candidate, Dan Haapala, is considering contesting the results.

Haapala ran against Tommie Cline Martin and Gene Mawby for the Republican nomination for Dist. 1 Gila County Supervisor. Martin had 966 votes in reports issued Thursday night by the county, giving her the nomination. Haapala had 903 votes and Mawby had 303.

"We don't know the final outcome," said Tommie Cline Martin, who won the Republican nomination for the Dist. 1 Supervisor's seat.

"I'm very disappointed in the turnout," Haapala said. "I know people have their reasons for not voting, but I don't know that they're good ones."

In addition to a possible challenge from Haapala, a write-in candidate for the job, Sydney "Jim" Whitely (D), received 60 votes, earning him a spot on the November ballot, creating a runoff situation for Martin. Whitely only needed 52 votes to qualify.

Martin said she didn't want to get too excited about the results of her primary race.

"I very much appreciate all the help I've received in the past months," she said. "I'm really looking forward to the things we can do in the future. It's the beginning of a long conversation I intend to have with everyone ... I'm very grateful and very excited."

Haapala said he wants to see the final numbers before he concedes the race, and he is considering contesting the results.

"I have concerns about the current supervisor's involvement, early balloting errors and errors with the computer. I want it to be done ethically and morally right. I don't think things are going to change."

In the three-way Democrat race, Sanchez had 1,027 votes, Michaels had 950 and Ernest Valdez had 222.

Shirley Dawson won the nomination of the Democrats for the Dist. 3 Supervisor's seat. Write-in candidate Bill Fogle (R) received 114 votes to get on the general election ballot in November. Fogle only needed 29 votes to qualify.

Dawson won the nomination with 874 votes. She was followed in the polls by Robert Mounce with 724; Terry Wheeler with 395; and Ted Thayer with 140.

Kim Pound won the Republican race for sheriff with 2,021 votes to Richard Shaw's 1,353.

"It felt really good," Pound said. "Richard ran a real good race. We got the issues out that we felt were of concern to voters, such as response time and fiscal accountability. I'm looking forward to debating my opponent. I hope we have debates in both Payson and Globe."

Shaw was not available for comment at press time.

Pound will run against incumbent Sheriff John Armer (D). Armer had 4,319 votes cast for him in his unopposed bid for the nomination in the primary.

Sam Brewer defeated incumbent Gail Palmateer for the Republican nomination for the Payson Regional Constable's job. He had 1,481 votes to Palmateer's 1,280 in early reports.

"It's not over yet," Brewer said. "I still have to win the general. I would like to thank each and everyone of the people who voted for me. I feel humbled that so many people have so much faith in me and I appreciate it. I also appreciate all the help I was given in my campaign. Now I need the same support in the general."

Brewer will face Democrat Roger Freeman, who had 980 votes.

Palmateer expressed disappointment with her loss and the low voter turnout.

"I think I did everything I could," Palmateer said. "I would have done some technical things differently. It was an incredible learning experience. I'm very proud of the job I've done as constable and what I'll continue to do. I've always tried to improve it and make it what people needed and wanted."

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