Less Partisan Politics Please



I have always considered Payson a community of kind, compassionate people, but now I know there is a group of mean-spirited people here, too.

The request that those who placed the crosses on the hill near Wal-Mart remove them because they were offensive to some, while other considered it partisan politics.

"How sad," I think as I drive into Wal-Mart. It reminds me that we are a nation at war and that I must pray for the families of all these soldiers. I doubt if they were all Democrats. Is this another effort to make this a "clean war"? Many of these men and women were killed by the cluster bombs that are killing so many innocent civilians in Iraq -- to say nothing about the 4,000+ men and women returning minus arms, legs, etc. -- young lives totally destroyed.

While watching hearings of the Veterans Administration in Washington, which I watched last week, I learned that we don't have enough trained personnel or hospital facilities to take care of them.

Are we no longer aware of the value of a two party system of government and its relevance to a democracy? I gather that this town is a Republican stronghold that would deny anyone else the opportunity to post signs. One in front of our house was damaged at night -- as most destructive acts are carried out. It might be wise for businesses here to remember there are large numbers of Democrats in Payson, and we can choose the business we trade at -- so provide us with less partisan politics, please.

May the democracy we talk about providing for nations all over the world would at least prevail in Payson.

Carol J. Scholz

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