Recovery From Post-Surgery Stroke Slow


Stephanie Ryder, a well-known Payson nurse, is now at Payson Care Center recovering from a post-surgery stroke she suffered in mid-July.


Stephanie Ryder

Ryder served as pool nurse for the surgery department of Payson Regional Medical Center until early July. She also has been director of the home health care agency for the hospital and was at one time the administrator for Powell House.

"On July 6, we went to Phoenix for an angiogram," said her husband, Trey. "She had a double by-pass because the stints she had put in in April failed. On July 12, she was three hours away from discharge when she suffered a stroke."

He said the doctor told him it was very rare for a patient to throw a blood clot three days after surgery.

Ryder was in the Good Samaritan hospital's cardiovascular intensive care unit for three weeks, then moved to the Good Samaritan Rehabilitation Institute for several more weeks where she was given acute rehab therapy.

"She started getting depressed and so we decided it would help if we brought her back here where she could see her friends and her animals," Trey said. "It's a nicer environment (for her) and she's under the care of her own doctors."

The stroke left her right side immobile and impaired her speech somewhat. Her husband said she can manage "OK" and "No," plus eight or 10 other words.

He said she is looking at extensive rehabilitative therapy, but she is moving forward, a little at a time.

"She's bright and perky and can still stick her tongue out at you the way she always did," Trey Ryder said.

He said Ryder would enjoy visits from all her friends, but because she tires easily, they need to be short and the best times to see her are evenings and weekends. During the days she is doing her therapy sessions, he said.

Trey Ryder said her friends are welcome to give him a call and her cosmetics customers can still place their orders. Her friends are stepping in to help with her Mary Kay business.

"We want to keep the business thriving until she gets back," Trey said.

He said this is a life-changing event for the two of them and they are just waiting to see how it changes.

"We need all the prayers we can get," he said.

Trey Ryder can be contacted at (928) 970-0643. Ryder's cosmetics customers can call (928) 474-1830.

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