Teen Caught Burglarizing Gas Station


A 17-year-old boy was caught burglarizing the Star Valley Shell station early Monday morning.

"Our officers saw someone in the building," GCSO Lt. Adam Shepherd said. "They tried to make contact with the subject and he (hid) inside the building. We got some more people out there. (Payson) sent some of their officers and we called out (GCSO Deputy) Dennis Newman with his police dog."

When officers searched the building, the dog got wind of where the suspect was hiding.

"The dog immediately went to the back room and alerted on the ceiling," Det. George Ratliff said. "Newman took a long pole and removed one of the tiles and started to climb up there and saw a foot."

The burglar had climbed a stack of boxes and was hiding in the attic of the store.

"He came down willingly and admitted to everything," Ratliff said. "We found out he had a warrant out for his arrest out of superior court for failure to appear on a theft charge."

"He pried open a window," Ratliff said. "When we caught him he was just getting ready to leave."

Ratliff said the suspect had a bag full of cigarettes and food.

The teen is in a Globe detention facility pending a hearing.

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