Treat Terrorists Like Locusts -Liminate Them



We, in this great country of ours, and we as citizens of this planet called Earth, are not in a war against terrorists, but a war against cowards. Plain and simple -- cowards, in the name of some imagined or real religion.

The cowards are slaughtering men, women and children; the latest are the 300 plus innocent victims, mostly children, in Russia who had yet developed a political ideology.

Long before 9/11, we had similar cowards who had neither the testicles nor backbone to face their opponents in an open confrontation to settle differences. Now this group of cowards do their cowardly thing by sneaking around in darkness, covered in sheets or other attire, to disguise what they have underneath, explosives to blow up a bus or automobile containing innocent people or political rivals.

Most, I believe, do this in the name of some religion and/or political ideology, but don't have enough followers to carry out their goals man-to-man on a field of battle.

The governments that provide safe haven and support for these cowards must share the blame for the carnage the world is facing and our government must do something very clear to all who provide aid and comfort to these cowards, that our tax dollars will no longer be sent to your respective countries. Period, no U.S. dollars for anything.

Do to the cowards what you as a farmer would do to a swarm of locusts -- eliminate them.

Larry E. Cusey

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