Two Reactions To The Republican Convention



We, thendersigned Democrats, believehat keynoterDemocratic" Senator Miller is not a Democrat.e has not caucused with the Democrats in Washington nor has he endorsed the Democratic nominee to fill his seat in Georgia.e has consistently voted with the Republicans during his term.
After listening to Miller's "jeer leader" speech to his fellow Republicans Sept 1, we now understand what the "W" in Pres. Bush's name stands for:Warmonger."
A warmonger is defined in the dictionary as "one who advocates, or attempts to stir up, war."aura Bush "misspoke" saying, "He didn't want to go to war.e had to."

s any president would have done, he had to go to war against the 9/11 terrorists ... butsama bin Ladin is headquartered in Afghanistan, not in Iraq.hy did Bush and Rumsfeld send our troops to Iraqn doctored "weapons of mass destruction" charges?ush did not "have to" right the dictator's wrongs against his own people.He wanted to. He wanted to attack Iraq, but he hasn't wanted to attack the dictator in Sudan who is also killing his own people.

We Democrats see a big difference between the two wars:he war to keep our homeland safe is not the same war as the war to stop Saddam's atrocities, put him in prison and let the Iraqi ladies change wardrobes.
The Republicans' intentional blending of the two "wars" makes Commander Bush responsible for the flag-draped coffins, responsible for the maimed National Guard members who should be guarding our homeland, and responsible for increasing the number of insurgents whoight our dedicated troops.
We realize "warmonger" is a strong word, but Bush's supporters continue to describe him as "strong."illary Clinton suggests he is "decisive and WRONG."

The wildly cheering convention delegates also bear some responsibility for encouraging Bush to unleash the military weapons in Miller's jeering litany.

In 2000, the conservative Seattle Times newspaper endorsed Bush. Now, weare Republicans to read the same newspaper's endorsement of John Kerry in 2004.t's at 2002016659_kerryed27.html

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Douglas Herbster
Paul Gonnerman
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