Kerry's Impossible Dream?



Thoroughly enjoyingthe Sept 11 Tonto Community Concert, I wasmpressed by the energy of the fantastic singer belting out, "The Impossible Dream" from the "Man of La Mancha."hisnspiring song seemedelated to the "Kerry For President" button I was wearing.

Personally I would not wear a politicalutton into worship, for there the focus must be on "We are all one in Christ" Gal. 3:28.

But, at the concert, I reflected, "Is John Kerry's vision for a "better America" an impossible quest? He's behind in severalolls.

The "Man of La Mancha" seemed doomed in his reach for the impossible stars.e was "scorned and covered with scars" and that seems to describe the scorn heaped on Kerry by the "Swiftees" who don't like that Kerry returned home to witness to the atrocities of war. (The total context is at The atmosphere of war can give birth to atrocities.

John Kerry's reputation is scarred by the attacks of Bush and Cheney, who seek toncite aear of Kerry'sunknown" leadership.

However, cringe at Bush's known leadership which has led us, beyond dreams, to several nightmares:scalatingeficits because he has championed tax cuts for the wealthy; unwillingness to seek cooperationith other nations;ear of prescription drugs from other countries; no renewal of the assault-weapons ban; weakening of laws protecting clean air and clean water (

The Man of La Mancha urges us to follow that quest, "no matter how hopeless, to fight for the right." I think ofighting forhe rights of the less privileged and less known and less rich (Matthew 25:32-40)...and then, like the Man of Laancha, our hearts can lie peaceful when we are laid to our rest.
Knowing thencertainty of life, I may not be alive for any more presidential elections, so I speak out this year. believe underdogerryan restore our staturemong the nations whichush ignored. believe Kerry will bring moreomeland safety by quickly implementinghe recommendations of the 9/11 commission.

At intermission at the concert, a retireesaid, "I like your button." gave it to him.You and I can give our vote, either to Kerry'suest for a better America or to Bush's continued "nightmare."

Edward. Blair, Payson

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