Man Barricaded In Apartment, Threatens Police


Residents of the Maurnez apartment complex on Airport Road were evacuated Thursday night while police surrounded an apartment where a man was threatening to kill anyone who entered.

Officers went to talk to 33-year-old Tim McKernan after a woman reported that he had thrown a box with a rock inside at her and tried to grab her saying, "Someone is going to die tonight."


Payson Police Lt. Don Engler briefed members of the department's Special Response Team on the man who had barricaded himself in his apartment and was threatening to kill himself and anyone who tried to enter.

"That was the initial report and there was a second report that there was real loud music and a disturbance going on in (McKernan's) apartment," Payson Police Lt. Don Engler said.

Shug Thiele, who lives in the apartment below McKernan's, said he had been blasting music and yelling since 3 p.m.

"He was playing the same AC/DC song over and over again," Thiele said. "He was yelling that he was going to kill people and kill himself. He was raging"

Engler said when officers went to McKernan's apartment, he became irate and locked himself inside his second-floor apartment.

"He was telling the officers, ‘I'm going to kill you all' and ‘just kill me,'" Thiele said.

"He broke out the kitchen window and started throwing dishes and plates out the window at the officers," Engler said.

Police began evacuating people in nearby apartments. Members of the department's Special Response Team, trained in high-risk operations, were called to assist as well as the department's negotiator, Sgt. Dean Faust.

McKernan threw furniture through every window, and at one point, pushed a couch through a window sending it into the yard below.

"The patrol officers did an excellent job of securing a perimeter and evacuating residents," Engler said.

Before officers could storm the apartment, McKernan gave himself up.

"He walked to the bottom of the stairs where he was immediately met by officers," Engler said. "They gave him verbal commands and he cooperated."

Engler said McKernan was under the influence of alcohol and tests will determine if drugs were involved.

McKernan was charged with felony criminal damage and disorderly conduct.

Engler said the apartment was severely damaged inside.

"We are still investigating the incident and talking to witnesses to see if there may be other charges," Engler said.

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