Voters Robbed In Primary


To the electors of Gila County:

Did it not occur to you that by only having two valid candidates for the office of Gila County Supervisor on the Republican Ballot, and one write-in candidate not shown on the Democratic Ballot, you effectively robbed half the citizens of Gila County of their right to choose a new Supervisor, because in the recent primary election, Democrats could not vote for their choice? This cannot be ethical in any way, not to say illegal, if it is.

Whatever the little law books say, we want to vote for our choice of the individual who is going to have the last say in all matters concerning Gila County.

We have lived here for 30 years, are property owners and pay the exorbitant taxes. Our road in Whispering Pines has recently been repaved and striped; we are very pleased about that and look forward to good road maintenance for the next term of office if the right person is in charge, who we believe would be Dan Haapala.

We most vehemently urge you to put both Dan Haapala and Tommie Cline Martin on the November Ballot so that everyone in this county can vote for the person of their choice. To do otherwise is to rob us of our right to vote.

Ruth and Jim Ryden, Whispering Pines

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