Kerry's Voting Record Speaks Volumes



These facts are presented to the citizens of our community. Who said John Kerry hasn't been around to cast very many votes?

(According to various Internet sources) he cast these votes:

Since 1988, he voted to kill the Bradley fighting vehicle, the M-1 Abrams tank, every aircraft carrier proposed, the Aegis anti-aircraft system, the F-15 Strike Eagle, the F-16, the P-3 Orion upgrade, the B-1, the B-2, the Patriot anti-missile system, the FA-18 and the F-117.

He also voted to kill every military appropriation of every agency of the U.S. Government, and to cut the funding of the FBI by 60 percent, to cut the funding of the CIA by 80 percent, and cut the funding of the NSA by 80 percent.

But then he voted to increase our funding for U.N. Operations by 800 percent. Is this the kind of president you want?

By the way, I welcome comments from the liberal locals. How else can we know who supports this kind of man?

Don Castleman, Payson

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