New Law Makes Successful Archers Register Their Harvest


If Jerome Gallard gets a white tail or mule deer with his bow and arrow this season as he's done in the past, a new law mandates he report the kill to the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

The new law which goes into effect this fall requires that all successful archery hunters have 10 days to contact the AG&F department by telephone (866-903-3337) or in person and report the harvest.

If the deer has been checked through a mandatory hunter checking station, the report need not be filed.

According to Arizona Game and Fish Department field supervisor Craig McMullen, the law was enacted to help game officials track the number of deer that are taken each season in the archery hunts.

"More and more hunters are turning to archery and we needed better ways to determine the harvest," he said.

In the past, successful archery hunters did not need to report their kills to any agency.

Successful hunters in Unit 12A, located in the Kaibab National Forest north of the Grand Canyon, must personally present their deer for inspection at the Jacob Lake Checking Station.

Hunters in 12A, both archery and rifle, must have a Habitat Management Stamp attached to their hunting license. The $15 stamp may be obtained from an AG&F office or wherever hunting licenses are sold.

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