Please Take Each Child Welfare Case Seriously



My heart goes out to the family in the Valley who lost their baby and recently won a settlement against CPS.

At this moment, I am packed and ready to head to Sky Harbor to catch a flight back to Michigan.My mentally challenged granddaughter was brutally murdered Thursday. For years, the family has tried to get assistance for this child, to get her treatment , etc. and possibly a residence while in treatment.CPS and Michigan welfare, Social Security Disability, and the Michigan Department of child mental health all failed this little girl.

Additionally, when she was witnessed being abducted, the police department waited six hours before issuing and Amber Alert. This little girl, whose only crime was to be born with mental disorders, is gone now.

I challenge all police departments, DES workers, Social Security, mental health workers, Amber Alert workers, to treat every incident with a child as if that child were their very own, not just a job.

Deb Marker, Payson

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