Re-Elect Armer For Sheriff



I have known John Armer on both a professional level and a personal level for nearly 28 years. I was employed by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office for more than 23 years and John served as lieutenant, captain and major of the division in which I was employed.

While under John's leadership, our division developed a great sense of pride due to his unquestionable honesty and integrity along with his extensive knowledge and experience in law enforcement. Because of John's deep feeling of loyalty to the county in which he served, and the State of Arizona as a whole, the staff also displayed those same loyalties, therefore benefiting the community.

John is open to people's opinions and ideas, but when the final decision rests upon him, he will ultimately make that decision based upon what is morally, ethically and lawfully right. Because of these attributes, one has a secure feeling when someone like John is in a leadership role or holds an office such as sheriff.

I have had the privilege of knowing John and his wonderful family over the years. John treats his family with the utmost respect and loyalty. He and his wife, Claudia, have instilled in their children the same unquestionable beliefs and morals. Like their parents, they, too, are fine, upstanding citizens.

If the people of Gila County really care about their communities, they could do nothing better for their communities than to re-elect John Armer for Sheriff.

Cheryl J. Mullins, Tempe

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