Return To A Happier Time



So much has changed since I lived in Arizona.

So much has changed for the worse in the last four years.

I can hardly believe that our country has been attacked due to so far uncorrected intelligence failures; our economy has gone from record surpluses to record deficits; we have pre-emptively attacked a country that was no threat to us; we have locked up American citizens on the say-so of our president rather than by legal procedures; and the highest levels of government have flaunted the Geneva Conventions, resulting in the loss of security and shame of Abu Ghraib.

I wish I could return to the more prosperous, happier time of my days in Arizona, but I know that can only happen if we all become more well-informed and actively participate, as is our duty, in this great democracy that is America.

I know that the people of Arizona are up to this difficult, but necessary, task.

Bette Phillips, Pacific Grove, Calif.

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