Seeing Through Bush Propaganda



Pollyanna politics is what we have seen at the Republican Convention, and in television ads and stories lately. This deceitful propaganda by the Bushes and camp followers must be considered necessary in order to dazzle the remaining gullible electorate still out there. Family stories and portraits usually shown in a more historical perspective and TV ads that make the Bushes look like a holy family, plus the long-unseen twins, suddenly appearing as graduated grown-up angels is just too much.

The elite Aryan family was also the centerpiece of fascist propaganda and what a terrible and wicked illusion it was. Such an illusion does not belong in America with its solid democratic history (not discounting the awful mistakes we have made with racism, wars and educational policies). Only a small minority are allowed to live in the sanitized bubble the media is so willing to blow at us like they do now of so many people and events. But advertising hype moved to the Republican side in a big way at the convention.

The perfectly portrayed first family and lineage relatives, spotlighting Laura, alias Pollyanna, as the epitome of womanhood, while their willing accomplices go on with lies, robber-baron hypocrisy, killing adventures and shameful dismantling of social programs for vulnerable citizens like the old, sick, disabled, and worst of all children, are poignant reminders of people spiritually bereft. All this done just to prop up a planned dynasty with falsehood as its base. This should be insulting to thinking people. It has some parallels to the policies of the radical Muslims, except their violence against the helpless is visible, and their perfect women are covered from head to toe, while ours are dressed up as collectible dolls.

It is very disheartening to still see people adhere to the slogan, "Our country, right or wrong," while waving the flag that symbolizes so much rightness to the world. Following poor leaders like frightened sheep is unworthy of Americans, who should be able to think, then act to help protect our cherished values for all citizens, not just a favored few.

Wealth, combined with self-righteousness, or simply, minds not grounded in human love, give courage to powerful people to do whatever they want.

God help us.

Wanda Walker, Payson

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