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Q: There are a lot of tall weeds on empty lots in Payson North. It looks bad. Is the town going to do anything about them?

A: Rudy Frost, the acting town code enforcement officer, said there are two possible ways to deal with weeds on empty lots. In both cases a complaint must be made, either to him or the fire department.

A complaint to the fire department would be made if the weeds presented a health and safety concern, such as a fire hazard. If the weeds are more unsightly than a fire hazard, the complaint would be made to Frost in the community development department.

The fire department could come in and take care of a fire hazard and have a lien put on the property for reimbursement. Frost said he would notify the owners of the problem and give them about two weeks to address it, if no action was taken, he would send them a letter.

Eventually the matter could go to the courts.

"I can't tell anyone to do anything, only the courts can do that," Frost said.

He said faster action would be taken if the fire department was involved. In either case a formal complaint must be made Frost said. Neither he or other members of the community development office, or anyone from the fire department, patrols for unsightly lots or fire hazards, he said.

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