Blind Spots Hazardous



Drivers! Properly adjust your car's mirrors to eliminate "blind spots." Your doing so can prevent auto accident injuries, damage and expense.

Saturday afternoon, when leaving Star Valley and driving westbound in the left lane of Highway 260, I was overtaking a white Aerostar when the driver decided to enter that lane in order to pass the car she'd been following. Her maneuver abruptly gave me the choice of a sideswipe (possibly involving the third vehicle as well), or of hitting my brakes, while veering into the eastbound lane. Fortunately, that lane was empty of on-coming traffic long enough for me to prevent the accident.

The other driver, alerted by my horn's steady blare, quite likely was shocked to find herself saved from a serious predicament -- and certainly realized that my vehicle may well have been in her left "blind spot" when she decided to change lanes.

Instructions about the correct adjustment of all three mirrors to eliminate blind spots have been published repeatedly; and they certainly do work. Please take the time to locate the instructions, make the necessary adjustments and get used to the much improved view to the rear of your car.

Your fellow drivers will appreciate our mutually-increased safety.

Carroll M. Elmore, Payson

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