Have Another Election



Regarding the letter in the Payson Roundup, Sept. 14, 2004 issue, written by Jim and Ruth Ryden: I applaud them both for their candid opinion concerning our recent questionable election. You have hopefully planted a seed in the minds of honest citizens that will grow and, hopefully, bring about change in our questionable county government.

It is a shame when the law can be used to further personal gain and influence a local election. Whatever happened to honesty, integrity, and credibility in government? Are we as a people not being herded in the direction that is pre-determined by our present officials? The major question is ‘What can we do to bring back accountability, honesty and faith?'

There are many voters that were extremely disappointed that they were unable to vote for the candidate of their choice because of party affiliations. This practice should be abolished at the local level.

I must agree that the only honest solution at this time would be to have another election. There seems to be a question as to the validity concerning voters being misdirected, not receiving ballots upon request, and ballots being kicked out of the counting machine several times.

We, as citizens of Gila County, must do our utmost best to make sure that future elections are conducted beyond reproach.

A concerned voter,

Jim Chase, Payson

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