Love Of Books Led To Work At Library



Julie Eckman was still commuting to a job in Phoenix when she moved to the Payson area earlier this year.

She gave that up and looking for something to do with her time, she turned to the Payson Public Library and offered her services as a volunteer.


Julie Eckman

"I love books and I love reading," she said.

When the library started looking for some additional help, Eckman's volunteer efforts became a part-time job.

She is now a clerk at the library. Her job, which began in early July, involves circulation and cataloging projects, she said.

The people she gets to meet are the most interesting aspect of the job, Eckman said.

The move to Payson was made after she and her husband bought property in Pine with the plan to build their own home eventually.

"We couldn't wait though, so we bought a house here in Payson and moved up," she said. The couple still has the property in Pine, but has not decided what they want to do with it yet.

And the reason they wanted to make the move?

"It's not Phoenix," she said emphatically. "We like the small town feel. The people are friendly."

In her spare time, Eckman shows her mother's four Shih Tzu dogs at regional competitions. She also has a Shih Tzu of her own, plus a cat and two guinea pigs.

As a child she also pursued -- more or less -- a career as a movie extra. It is something her father involved the family in, she said.

Eckman was an extra in two movies filmed in Phoenix. One was "Used Cars" with Kurt Russell and Jack Warden, released in 1980, another was a movie with Lee Majors. She can't remember the name of it because it was never released. The work on "Used Cars" was a family affair she said, both her father and brother were also extras. Her father has actually been an extra in a number of movies over the years, Eckman said.


Name: Julie Eckman

Occupation: Library Clerk

Employer: Town of Payson

Age: 34

Birthplace: Phoenix, Ariz.

Family: Married with no children and no other family in Payson

Personal motto: Everything in moderation

Greatest feat: Graduating college - Arizona State University

Favorite hobby or leisure activity: Showing dogs, spending time with my animals.

Three words that describe me best are ... friendly, honest, forthright.

The person in history I'd most like to meet is: Abraham Lincoln.

Dream vacation spot: My own island in the Caribbean.

Why Payson? My husband and I had been coming up here from the Valley since we were children for camping, etc. There was no other choice when we decided to move a few years ago.

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