Put Out Camp Fires



Please make sure your camp fires are out, out, out!

My husband and I were up on the Rim and, while we were there, he took the dog for a walk. He went past an empty camp that sits on Road 171 off the Young Road and found a fire still lit. It was not in flames, but with red coals. A gust of wind could have started a huge forest fire and many beautiful trees, and possibly humans, could have been burned. He poured dirt on it, turned it over and put dirt on that part also.

Remember, it is your responsibility if you have a fire to put it out before you leave your campsite. If others were as careless, you might very well be the one to get burned out of your home and land. Think about it. Do your duty if you are a camper. Put your fire out. Make sure it is out. If you don't have water, use dirt. Save your life and the life of the forest. God bless all of your who put out your camp fires. You might also think about leaving the spaces clean.

Rev. Annelle Henson, Payson

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