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Q: Does an electric motorcycle fall under the same restrictions as mini motorcycles?

A: Lt. Don Engler of the Payson Police Department said the mini motorcycles are covered through Title 28 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. He said the town code covers electric play vehicle(s), such as a scooter or other motorized vehicle (not included in Title 28), that are self-propelled solely by electric propulsion. These recreational/play vehicles can not be ridden on sidewalks, except to cross them; drivers must obey all traffic devices; they cannot be used in town parks, on any property prohibiting entry, on the property of another or on roads with a posted speed limit more than 25 mph.

Q: Why is the town doing a transit study when there is a company in town that provides transportation services?

A: Town Manager Fred Carpenter said the existing transportation services are not affordable for low-income residents. If a public transit system is the result of the transit study currently being conducted, it will be of service to low- and moderate-income residents. The study is expected to be complete in November, Carpenter said, but it is possible the resulting recommendation may be that Payson cannot support a public transit system.

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