End Of An Era



It is indeed, an end of an era in Payson with the recent news of Suzanne Michaels leaving KMOG Radio.

For five years, I have "turned her on" every morning and, as a result, she made every day a great day. Her personality made her show, not the music; she turned it into her own and, for that, I admire her.

She was my sunshine and my cup of coffee; she's all I needed to start my day. KMOG radio is suffering a great loss, and I can't help but wonder what the reason, especially for someone who loves her work so much.

If it was KMOG's fault, shame on you. You have no idea what a gold mine you had. It if was Suzanne's choice, I wish you well, you will succeed in anything you do. I suppose I could find an old cassette tape to put in, in the mornings now, as no one else will ever come close to Suzanne.

Kyle Bylar, Payson

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